Shave and Post-Shave Essentials with Close Shave Scrub & Ageless Facial Lotion

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5.00 Ounces

Shave and Post-Shave Essentials Set

Close Shave Scrub & Aftershave Ageless Lotion


$48.00 (20% OFF plus FREE GIFT)  $38.00


Aglaea Natural Skincare Essentials for Men are formulated with specialty oils & butters, pure essential oils, and selected phyto extracts rich in antioxidants and nutrients for a man on the go.  The set contains shaving and post-shaving essentials to maintain skin health and minimize skin sensitivity & dullness that often result from shaving and environmental exposures. 


Set Includes: 

Close Shave Scrub (3.0 oz.)

Aftershave Ageless Lotion (1.7 oz.)

Shampoo, Shaving and Body Soap for Men (4.2 oz.) - FREE GIFT