The products are amazing

I have to say they are some of the best products that I ever came in contact with my skin. I love them all. You can tell a lot of thought not only went into the ingredients, the texture & consistency and aroma. I am particularly fond of the eye cream.

- by Abana J.

Best stuff ever

Your products are awesome. My skin feels so wonderful. I love, love it all. I feel refreshed after using the toner, but I love all of the products.

- by Marsha E.

Best thing that ever happened to my face

No more rashes, razor burns. Easy shave, wife loves my soft skin. Face looks better than it has in years.

- by Don Z.

Shaving oil gives a closer smooth shave

I shave in the shower and I try to shave expeditiously (gotta get to work!). I am always trying to get a close shave. Aglaea oil fit the bill. I get less cuts and a closer shave. I am now an oil fan all the way.

- by Ed M.

Best stuff ever.

I've been looking for a natural deodorant for so long and found this. Keeps me very dry and fresh and has a great smell.

- by Stephanie M.

About Us

Aglaea was the youngest of the Three Graces of Greek mythology. She was the goddess of grace, splendor and beauty.

AglaeaUSA products are designed to provide the ultimate in skin and body care to reflect the grace, splendor, and beauty of Aglaea in its users.

AglaeaUSA products are handmade and formulated from natural ingredients – specialty oils & butters, botanical extracts, vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and essential oils. These products were initially designed for skin care in the particularly harsh, dry, high desert regions of Southern California by a Ph.D. scientist with background in Pharmacy, Biochemistry, and Cell & Molecular Biology. All ingredients used in Aglaea products were screened for safety in skin and hair care applications by extensive review of scientific and ingredient databases.